Featured in the Ami Magazine

Featured in the Ami Magazine

Thanks to a friend who reached out to recommend my brand, the Ami Magazine offered to feature my sourdough technique and recipes in the Whisk by Ami food magazine.

Safe to say I was completely floored when they called, but also excited to see what would happen! I wrote a draft of what I had in mind and the Ami editors worked on the text and proofreading to make it perfect.   

I worked with a talented photographer Mirele Shapiro who produced gorgeous photos of the bread. We set up focaccia, pizza and crackers as well, to go with some other sourdough recipes.

The experience was fun, but also nerve wracking as I worried about the results of the photos and article.

Thank God it exceeded my expectations and the responses I received were pretty wild! 

While sitting at a party one evening, a former classmate of mine mentioned that she makes sourdough as well and follows the recipes that were published by the Ami a few weeks ago. She was shocked when I said they were mine! 

Maybe one day I’ll have the opportunity to share more information and recipes and help more people join the sourdough club!

Happy Sourdough baking :)

Reisy Gross 


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